Adult Golf

There is no such thing as “ the perfect golf swing”. Look no further than the players on tour, both men and women, and witness the diversity of swings, some so uniquely different and personal that they are unteachable. Truth is, that although we are fashioned with the same nuts and bolts, we are put together differently. Yet, there are common features in the swings of all good players.They pay attention to basics – grip, aim, posture, alignment, and with hours of practice, they make their swings repeatable.

I enjoy working with players of all skill levels, male and female, young and not-so-young. My policy is not to re-invent the proverbial wheel, but rather to work within the physical capabilities of each individual, teaching beginners the basic fundamentals of the swing, analyzing the swings of the more advanced player and identifying areas where improvement could be made.Ninety per cent of average players grip the club incorrectly and significant improvement is instantly realized when correction is made in this area.

Much money is spent by the average player on gadgetry and varying swing-assist tools that are widely marketed, which can be very helpful in improving your swing, but which ignores the absolute necessity to attain a certain degree of fitness and flexibility through exercise and muscle strengthening, such as is practiced by all good tour players. No amount of gadgetry acquired will guarantee you significant improvement unless you are prepared to match it with an exercise program.

The game is best enjoyed when players learn the Rules of Golf and The Rules of Etiquette and I supply players with  a Summary of the Rules of Golf. I formulate programs for both those in search of individual lessons as well as for individuals who prefer the more cost effective vehicle of group lessons. I furnish clubs for beginning students, where they don’t possess their own, and when they commit to the sport, I recommend the equipment to which he or she might be best suited.

My clinics are conducted at Melreese Country Club

1802 NW 37th Avenue, Miami, FL 33125